“I once got into a fight with four women here at the shop. It was an older woman and her three daughters. They pulled my hair out, it was so bad I had a big bald patch on my head.

They bought some lingerie a few days before that because one of the daughters was getting married. they came back because they wanted to return it. I told them it’s not allowed to return or exchange them. I also noticed that they already removed the labels. She insisted and was hysterical, she hurled insults at me in Arabic. I shouted back, “I’m not your maid, you have no rights to talk to me like that. She got so upset then they attacked me. The guards couldn’t do anything because they were afraid they’ll get into trouble for touching women. The only person was able to help me was one of the staff. After the commotion demanded to the manager to get me fired. To keep the peace, they were allowed to return the items they bought.”

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