About Me

Hi I’m Ivy. Here’s my story.

I arrived in Kuwait to work as a nurse. When I landed, my first thought was, “Oh there are trees! Lots of trees!”. That’s how little I knew about Kuwait, my friend who’s been here five years ahead of me assured me I am going to be fine. I didn’t research, I didn’t know what to expect, I just took her word for it. I was supposed to go to Dubai but my visa took a long time to process so I decided to come here instead. One month after I got all my paperworks done, my visa in Dubai was approved but I chose to stay. No regrets.
I enjoyed my first job but deep down inside me, I wanted to do something else other than Nursing. I told my colleagues I was only going to work in the clinic for two years. I don’t think they believed me but I was determined to stick to my plan.
I ended up working in a school after I left the clinic which means I only get to work five days a week and since I was a School Nurse, the children only came to see me during play time. Whenever I was free, I read books on photography. Eventually, I became a full time portrait photographer.
Now, I have this website because a friend of mine convinced me and metaphorically kicked my butt to finish what I started. I tried to build this site a few years ago, but I ran out of energy because I spent more time changing the colour of the links, I kept changing the font style, fixing this and that. I focused on things that didn’t really matter. This site deserves a second or a third or even a fourth chance. So here it is. This is dedicated to the Filipino community in Kuwait. I am looking forward to taking your photo and telling your story.