Birthday photo

"She sent this to me on my birthday. She looks a little Korean."

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Goodbye Kuwait

"I'm leaving Kuwait this week and I'm going to work in the States but first I'll spend time with my daughter in the Philippines."

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Dancing girl

"I used to enjoy the Ladies' Night when I was working at Ruby Tuesdays. It was a gimmick we did to attract guests to come to the restaurant. The ladies who came got free cocktail drinks and free flowers."

What was it that you like most about it? 

"I was part of the dancing group and it was so much fun doing it. The restaurant was always full on those nights, especially with Americans."

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Not telling

Is your family here with you in Kuwait?

"No they're not but I have a boyfriend."

What's he like?

"I'm shy talking about these stuff."

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"One of my favourite memories Kuwait is when our manager threw a big party for all the employees. It was in a fancy hotel and they rented a DJ. They acknowledged all of us for hitting our target. We had a blast that day. It feels good to be appreciated for all our hard work and when our suggestions are heard. I also met one of the big bosses there, he's very quiet which made me feel a little intimidated. One time he called the store and it turned out he's actually friendly."

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